Save time, money and stress with remote support

Welcome! I'm so excited to meet you! My name is Megan and I am a professional Virtual Assistant here to save your day!

People hire virtual assistants for a number of different reasons. When you own a business there will come a time when you can’t possibly take on another task. When you have reached your limit and yell MERCY to the world. You go and go and go until you can’t possibly go anymore. You try to learn every little thing you can and some days think your brain may actually explode this time……

                      Let me help you!


Don't let yourself get burnt out. By doing so you will only increase your stress and decrease your productivity. By outsourcing the tasks that make your eyes glaze over you will be able to focus on what's important and in turn increase your productivity and efficiency.  

Whether you need me long term, short term, or just to get caught up I'm here to be your virtual assistant rock star and help you gain some time back in your life.

Unlike larger virtual assistant companies I offer a personalized approach and promise you will not be just 1 of a thousand clients. Lets personalize a list of tasks for you today!


Administrative Services

  • Bookkeeping 

  • Calendar Management

  • Creating documents/Flyers

  • CRM

  • Data Entry

  • Email Management

  • Excel spreadsheet creation

  • File Management

  • Invoicing/Billing

  • Online Research

  • Payroll

  • Policies/Handbook creation

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Purchasing supplies

Medical Services

  • Billing/Coding

  • Chart Auditing

  • Confirmation Calls

  • EHR/EMR support

  • HIPAA: I am a HIPAA compliant, offering a safe and private setting with extra web encrypting to secure your patient's medical information and privacy. 

  • Insurance Tasks 

  • Medical Transcription

  • Medical Records

  • Medication Reconciliation

  • Scheduling


All payments are due at the time of booking. Time will be used in 15 minute increments until gone. Time must be used within 30 days unless prior arrangements have been made. 

10 Hours per month

Basic Package

Standard Package

20 Hours per month

Premium Package

40 Hours per month

Executive Package

80 Hours per month


Thanks for submitting! I will get back with you shortly!